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Canoe Polo

TCKC has 60 junior Polo players, aged 12 to 18. Development (beginners) and Premier Leagues. Canoe Polo is the fastest growing competitive canoeing discipline worldwide. more...

Fabulous to play. Full of spectator interest. Canoe Polo combines paddling and ball handling skills within an exciting contact team game. Tactical and positional play are a fascinating ingredient.

Canoe Polo requires excellent teamwork. Promotes general canoeing skills

There are internationally agreed rules for the game. World and European Championships are each held every two years. Great Britain is currently the one of the world’s foremost Polo nations as our Women’s and Under 21 Men’s Teams are both the current World Champions.

There is a full National League structure in this country for Open, Ladies, and Under 18 categories
Many BCU Regions organise local Polo Leagues. National and Local Leagues normally run from October to April each season.

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Dan N Alps 2012 IMG_8291
Excitement and personal challenge – an ultimate test of skill!  Speed and precision is crucial Canoe Slalom tests river-running skills in a safe and friendly environment. more...

Only basic kayaking skills are required for entry level at Division 4. These slaloms are generally held on calm water and the courses will be simple.

The object is to negotiate a course of gates. The winner of the event will have negotiated the course in the fastest time, with the fewest penalties.

There are penalties for hitting and missing gates. There is usually plenty of time to practice at canoe slaloms. You don’t need a slalom boat to come and try slalom

TCKC has paddlers competing in national rankings from the entry point at Division 4 right up to Division 1

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Medway Apr 2013
For beginners and to improve skills. Tandridge Young Kayakers (TYK’s) meet on Sunday afternoons at Thames Young Mariners just north of Kingston-upon-Thames.  more...

We take kids from 8-16+ years old through the BCU’s PaddlePower awards and beyond. All you need is a swimming costume, towel and old trainers or wet-shoes – everything else is provided (including wet-suit and cagoule).

No experience necessary!

We take novices through to preparation for their 3* award and all the bits in-between. Many of our group go on to paddle slalom, freestyle, polo and river trips across the country. We have a 50:50 split between girls and boys and a full range of ages paddling. As well as our usual paddle coaching, we have started training our 13-16 year olds for the the BCU’s Cadet Leader award – which is a junior gateway to the level 1 coach.

Parents paddle free!

If you have a child paddling at TYK’s as a parent you can paddle free – all the equipment is available in adult sizes. This is the gateway to our adult & coach development program where you can improve your skills, and if you like, work towards becoming a coach.

We are always on the look-out for extra coaches, particularly L2’s and above. If you help coach, your children can paddle for free!

Recreational Kayaking

Develop skills, broaden experience

Develop basic competencies through PaddlePower and Star Awards

Learn to spot the dangers and how to stay safe

Go paddling on lakes, placid rivers, white water rivers, the sea

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Paddlers use white water waves and holes to perform gymnastic-style manoeuvres and tricks in kayaks designed to surf and spin across the water surface and release up into the air. more...

Fun, fast and dynamic! 

In competitions, freestyle kayakers gain points for every different trick they perform, with bonus points if they can get their boat out of the water and up into the air

Competitors have to perform as many different moves as possible in 45 seconds

Each different move scores points and the highest overall score wins

In Great Britain, competitions are open to all levels, with novices and GB Freestyle team members competing at the same events

Competitions comprise of various classes and categories allowing you to compete at the right level

Often different rules are used for the different experience levels

One of the biggest events of the year is The Youth Freestyle Series

The Youth Freestyle series is a number of one-day events aimed at progressing white-water paddlers

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